palace gardens

The Alcazar Palace gardens in Seville are a true paradise within a bustling city. No wonder the Spanish royals still stay here when visiting! The gardens combine both Islamic elements (water fountains, rills, and geometric tile) and Renaissance elements (hedges and parterres). Although construction of the site began in 913 AD the gardens obviously date to a much more recent time.

With so many ‘garden rooms’ within, it was surprisingly easy to find a quiet space away from the hundreds (!) of strolling visitors and I was able to photograph some unobstructed views.


It’s May already (can’t tell from the weather here, brrr!) and fortunately, I spent most of the month of April in Andalusia, Spain. What a gardener’s paradise, especially in Spring when jasmine fragrants the air and green is abundant after the area’s rainiest Winter in years. Where to start with the masses of photos I will share here? The Alhambra? The Alcazar? The natural landscape? It was all so amazing! How about with what’s unique and recognizable when you think of Sevilla and surrounds? Orange trees (Citrus aurantium) as the chosen street tree in all the villages and towns! They are small, evergreen, produce brightly colored fruit and lovely little white flowers most months of the year.  The perfect street tree in this mild climate and the fruit can be harvested from the balconies!