venice biennale

Visiting the Venice Biennale this summer was an inspirational experience. The setting on the edge of this amazing city is a spectacular cool, green park. Some of the art pavillions are more botanically focussed and therefore suit this blog.

Outside the Scandinavian pavillion remain signs of the origin of the park.

Bienale park

This laquered plaster botanical sculpture by Natalie Djurberg is part of an extensive series which filled a large, dark room.

botanical sculpture

The wood panels in the Japanese pavillion surrounded an old water basin filled with aquatic plants;
wood panels along water basin

The Venetian pavillion, although reminded of the famous glass work of the Murano factory, is the work of Dale Chihuly, an American artist;

venetian glass garden

raspberries anyone?

Wow, the month of August ist vorbei and not a single entry from me. Oooops, sorry! But I’m back with renewed energy and a new toe (!) after Halux Rigidus surgery.

I’ve many impressions and summer garden images to share with you these next few weeks but locally it’s raspberry season! My children love to pick these delicious berries while testing in the field. This year we ate them plain or with a little vanilla ice-cream but in previous years I’ve boiled them quickly with a little water and sugar and kept them in the fridge for up to 10 days.

This article, Fine Gardening magazine on raspberry growing gives lots of information about how to grow them in the garden but we are lucky to have the fields around the corner from our house in Munich.

This recent article in the New York Times describes a method (which I have not tested, unfortunately) to prevent berries from growing moldy.

rasberry picking