succulent cake

Sempervivums are on the top of my list of favorite plants. Their form and function, especially in containers, invaluable to any garden. I was amazed at this display at our rental house in Tuscany where they are happy plants in afternoon shade. Much like a frosted cake, they spill over the large cement container and require little besides a rare drop of rain. 


potted garden

I’ve heard people complain about not having enough room to create a garden. In this photo taken in a small medieval village in Tuscany, Italy last week, you can see that space nor soil is a requirement for creating a green welcome to visitors.

Taking into account the dryness, heat and lack of natural soil (and depth of less than one meter!), this resident has succesfully created what I’d consider a lush garden suiting to its limestone environment. 

Tuscan green

vertical garden

The other day I walked into a very modern and minimal lighting store (Munich is famous for it’s fabulous selection of modern furniture and lighting) and noticed the beautiful green “living” wall as the centerpiece of the showroom. According to the store-owner it was installed only three months ago but already had to be pruned twice because plants have filled in rapidly. The company which installed this particular design is  Art Aqua and based in Stuttgart. Great work!

vertical garden

ferns, etc