waddle fencing

I like the flexibility of the waddle fencing I’ve seen lately besides the ready-made versions from the DIY shops you can use to quickly cover a chain-link fence. The top photo shows a recently installed, custom-made fence, approximately 50 meters long at a lakefront property.  It is attractive from both the owners’ and passersby perspective. Much like a wicker basket, it will age gracefully and blend in with the wooded lots around this garden while still providing necessary privacy to the homeowner. 

waddle fence

waddle meets metal

This photo shows a more rustic version of a similar idea. 

rustic fence

puerto vallarta botanical gardens

In the middle of planning our summer travels I came across these images of the hot Mexican jungle where we spent last July. The Botanical Gardens just outside Puerto Vallarta (Los Jardins Botanicos de Vallarta)  were so amazing! A beautiful setting and for those of us from colder climates, an adventure to see our small potted houseplants in “super-size” natural environments. Definitely worth a visit for anyone travelling to Mexico’s Pacific Coast!entrance to the gardens

tropicals in bloom

reflecting pool

jungle walk

 container plantings
bathroom entrance displays butterfly collection