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Kloster Schäftlarn, Bavaria, Germany

In my opinion there’s no better time to start the blog of a garden designer as when the cold, dark days of February are behind us  and we see signs of Spring. The days are getting longer and although the snow covered ground in my part of the world does not look anything like the lush green landscape it will become in just a few weeks, I do know we will soon smell fresh, moist earth and cut grass.

Currently, I reside as an American expatriate in Munich, Germany (garden zone 6 just like the zone in New Jersey I moved from). Living here, in the heart of Europe with my family, we have lots of opportunity for travel and thus see many fantastic historic and contemporary gardens.

It always amazes me how this landscape changes during a short drive south across the Alps. In summer, with the lush, wet, green and chartreuse rapeseed covered landscape of Bavaria in our rear-view mirror, we drive across the snow-peaked Alps, through the dark, barren Dolomites to arrive in the dry, golden yellow of Northern Italy with it’s exclamation points of green cypresses scattered across the landscape.

So here I will share with you my comments and notes on gardening and landscape design as we travel across this wonderful continent. Our time is limited here and it won’t be long until we’re back in the USA and I will continue this blog as a working landscape designer versus a traveling/observing/studying one. Please visit me regularly as I will continue to post interesting photos, links, gardening tips, etc. And send me a message anytime!